Online Event Solutions
Enhance your Online, Hybrid or Live Event with these succesful ingredients

1. Dynamic Content & Interaction

Detailed online presentation and meeting features
Detailed presentation and meeting feature

Online Profile & (Online) Meetings

Expodoc is the perfect tool to provide and share commercial, educational & inspirational content throughout the year (before, during or after the event).

Exhibitors can fully present themselves by creating a powerful online profile (contact details, social media, a company presentation, product information, news items…).

They can enhance their profile with videos and photos to show their newest collection, a new product, their showroom,… They can modify their content at any time, so that your platform keeps bringing up-to-date market information.

Visitors can look up specific (types of) exhibitors -at their own time- and schedule meetings or choose to interact on the spot through a video call. This way you bring your exhibitors into direct contact with potential customers.

Showcase speaker and partner profiles on the online Floor Plan, including their contact details, (recorded) presentations or even integrate live sessions.

2. Next Level Networking

Meeting features: meetings via one-to-one or group video calls for exhibitors and visitors
Meetings via one-to-one or group video calls

Networking Features

One of the great advantages of this platform is that it extends the duration of your event. Meaning that you not only offer your exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to interact during your event, on the contrary... thanks to your platform, they will be able to do business throughout the year.

Exhibitors can simply add a video call link to their online profile that will allow visitors to interact with them on the spot. Or they can choose to facilitate pre-scheduled one-on-one or group or video calls, using the application of their choice (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, ...). 

Attendees will have a very user-friendly interface that will help them to engage with exhibitor(s). At their own time, they can look up specific (types of) exhibitors and schedule meetings or choose to interact through a video call. 

Expodoc's networking features provide an immense value to all stakeholders.

3. Online Stages

Speakers can create a profile with text, photos and videos
Add photos and videos to your platform

Workshops, seminars, presentations

Broadcast your live seminars, presentations or workshops and enable your audience to join with a single click or add pre-recorded videos of these sessions. 

You can add a program to the platform, so visitors can plan in advance which sessions they do not want to miss.

Speakers can also create a profile of their own, telling your audience what to expect from his/her presentation, so that attendees get triggered to attend the session. Off course the system also allows you, as the administrator, to overrule or add this information.

You can provide content and videos on the platform throughout the year so attendees have the luxury of (re)viewing this information at their time of choice (before, during or after the event).  

4. Highlight your Sponsors and Partners

Offer your sponsors and partners more visibility on your online platform
Put your sponsors and partners in the spotlight

Highlight your premium partners

Offer your sponsors and partners more visibility and boost engagement during your online or hybrid event.

Put your sponsors and partners in the spotlight by adding their logo (with a link to their website) on your online platform.

Or go to the next level and highlight your partners and sponsors by creating a personalized page for them including a logo, contact details, social media links, pictures, a video,…

5. Community platform

The platform enables your exhibitors, partners and sponsors to keep growing
The platform enables your community to keep growing all year round

One and only market place

Expodoc can help you become the one and only market place for all your stakeholders.

Your audience and community will continue to grow all year long.

Thanks to your platform, you are the one providing long lasting value for your exhibitors, partners and sponsors.

6. Suitable for any scale or type of event

Expodoc is the tool for all your events and exhibitions
Dashboard of all your events

Applicable for all your events

Expodoc is THE tool for all your events: from a networking event, a real estate conference or a regional job fair to a large industrial trade show or an international pharmaceutical exhibition.

Expodoc is suitable for any type or scale of event, whether it’s a B2B or B2C event, a regional or international happening, an in- or outdoor gathering.

7. User-friendly and flexible interface

You can customize your platforms to match your corporate identity, your event theme, your audience.
You choose how your personalise your platform

Customize your platform

You can design and manage all your event platforms without any technical knowledge.

You can customize your platforms to match your corporate identity, your event theme, your audience.
Do you like a clean and sober design or rather an ‘out of the box’ design? Anything is possible!

This way you can create a powerful platform that pops out and attracts your audience. 

8. Connect on any Device

You can connect to the platform of your event via any type of device: computer, mobile phone, tablet,...
You can connect to the platform via any device

Any device anytime

The connection platform is always available on any type of device (computer, mobile phone, tablet,…). This allows your audience to view the provided information, live or recorded videos whenever and wherever they want.

9. Custom Made Solutions

Together we can take your live, online or hybrid event to the next level
Tailor-made solutions

Your Tailor-Made Solutions

If you have specific needs/wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made solution.

Together we can take your live, online or hybrid event to the next level!


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