Brecht Paps

We have been using Expodoc since the very beginning and have always been a happy client. Expodoc has become an integral part of our exhibition management process and is fully incorporated in our websites, CRM, … We like the flexibility, the ease of use and the wide range of features the system offers. The fact that Expodoc keeps evolving year after year is an additional plus. We love that the Expodoc team listens to their clients. Ideas put forth by us are constantly being roadmapped for future development.

We highly recommend Expodoc to every event organizer, especially those dealing with exhibitors!

Brussels (Head office)

Vosveld 18
2110 Wijnegem
Phone: +32 2 569 77 26


3b rue Taylor
75010 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 85 64 12 14