LingeriePRO Tradefair
Philippe Bracke

LingeriePro is the only biannual fashion trade show in Belgium with 37 editions, almost exclusively on ‘het Eilandje’ in Antwerp. Expodoc has been automating and guiding the process of our trade shows for nine years now. All information and orders are centralised and available anywhere at any time, so we can even use the tool at the swimming pool during our holiday.

We often challenge the technicians of Expodoc (unintentionally) by using the provided possibilities as creatively as possible. The Expodoc team takes this to heart and always comes up with a workable solution.

Personally, I think the largest evolution is Expodoc Floor Plan, the floor plan & stand management module, which is linked to the interactive Floor Plan. We immediately loved this total package and we easily integrated the online Floor Plan in our website.  The exhibitors are becoming more aware of the impact of the online exhibitor catalogue. They get access to a user-friendly application to add company/product information, photos, a video, etc. This digital business card is an added value and offers both exhibitors and their brands extra visibility when visitors want to be informed before, during or after the trade show.

Brussels (Head office)

Vosveld 18
2110 Wijnegem
Phone: +32 2 569 77 26


3b rue Taylor
75010 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 85 64 12 14