Simon Ooghe

"For more than twenty years, Expocom has organised trade fairs and diverse events in the construction sector. Until 2016 this was done in the traditional manner, using Excel, PDF and email – a great deal of email. Now that we work with Expodoc, we can’t imagine the process without it. It has become our main tool. Everything is a whole lot faster and more efficient. The exhibitors are happy too. The timesaving alone pays for the investment. We look forward to the additional features Expodoc will roll out over the next few years."

Brussels (Head office)

Vosveld 18
2110 Wijnegem
Phone: +32 2 569 77 26
E-mail: info@expodoc.com


3b rue Taylor
75010 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 85 64 12 14
E-mail: info@expodoc.fr