The non-profit organisation Biennale INTERIEUR is active within contemporary design, product development and innovation. Since 1968 the organisation organises the Biennale INTERIEUR.

How did you work before Expodoc?
We worked with a download function on our website. Exhibitors had to download order forms, fill them in and send them back to the organisation. Processing this information happened internally. By using Expodoc, this task is largely eliminated so that we can now focus on other tasks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Expodoc for you?
As mentioned above, Expodoc saves us a lot of time that we can now spend on other matters. The margin of error has also strongly decreased. A major advantage for the Biennale is that Expodoc can be consulted anytime and anywhere. Because we are an international biënnale, we have clients from all over the world. These are often busy and travel from exhibition to exhibition. An Italian exhibitor recently told us how user-friendly he found our exhibition manual. It was useful for him to be able to consult the manual and place orders along the way.

Expodoc keeps on moving, so you also have to keep up. It is certainly an advantage that Expodoc continues to invest in improvement and innovation. A minor disadvantage is that the Biennale INTERIEUR does not want to be called an exhibition, while "Exhibition Manual" is mentioned on the main division of the platform. A detail that is important for the identity of our organisation. However, we are convinced that if we report this as a 'wish for improvement', a solution will be offered in the near future.

Are you satisfied with the support?
We did not have any technical problems last year. For other problems, the support is easily accessible.

What reactions do you get from exhibitors and suppliers?
Our suppliers are already familiar with Expodoc. Our exhibitors are positive, especially the consultability is very important to them as mentioned earlier.

What do you advise your colleagues?
To analyze their current way of working and to check whether they fit into the platform based on the possibilities of Expodoc. That was also the doubt for our organisation. We focus very strongly on personal contact and offering a good service. Therefore we were afraid to take the step to Expodoc because we thought we would lose contact with the exhibitor. In the end, that was not the case.

Expodoc is a flexible platform that allows all technical information and orders to be grouped in a clear structure. It requires an investment in the setup but ultimately saves time in the processing and follow-up of the orders.