At Expodoc we constantly listen to the customer. With the input that we receive, the program is consistently developing. Thanks to close collaboration, the program is very accessible. The Expodoc Partner Assembly is a good example of this.

It is an annual tradition that brings Expodoc's customers together to listen to them. In addition, the new functionalities are introduced and the customers receive numerous tips & tricks that they can use immediately the next day.

EPA 2018... a success story outside our comfort zone

This year the Benelux edition of the Expodoc Partner Assembly took place in Antwerp, the home base of Expodoc. The theme of this edition was "Outside our comfort zone" - thinking and doing. Many examples have shown that it is important to step out of our comfort zone if we want to achieve more. There was also a toast to the 10-year anniversary of Expodoc with some appetizers and a drink. It was thé moment to look back at the past years and to thank the Expodoc Experts for their confidence in the "More Expodoc More Fun" phenomenon.

We took also a look at the future.The Expodoc Partner Assembly was only the first step towards launching some innovations. There are still some nice surprises that will be annonced during this anniversary year.